My WORLD.....


My hubby...& meeee....

Our oldest son klay plays trumpet on his band...

I took this while he was practicing.

I love my flowers ornaments...

So i did try to take pictures of it.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Here`s the view from my still waiting for the deers and more rabbits,and racoons to show up.
cant wait for the spring to come...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

  Finally spring has come...this friendly rabbit  was just
                                           sitting there in front of my yard,me and my daughter was just right close to it.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


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Sunday, January 10, 2010


My name is Sharon grace and I'm married with 3 beautiful children, they are my everything,my world. Love photography and my camera is always with me! My dream is to travel historical places-like old historical churches,to vatican city and meet popes,dream to meet mother theresa-but it didnt happen. I eat lots of seafood it reminds me of where I come from, Philippines!We have so many historical Catholic churches there...wish my kids can see it someday:) God bless everyone! I would love to say thanks to all friends and family who supported me...Arts are in my blood,i guess i got it from my mother-CONNIE-who thought me how to love and thought me about life...RIP my dearest mother,i miss you everyday,every hour and minutes of my life...:) as for my father-ROMULO-who thought and gave us knowledge of being christian, who really did his best to support 10 kids,im # 9.I love you older sisters and brothers...Thank you for being such a wonderful friend.As for my family back home,my cousins,nephew,nieces..i miss you all!
I knew i love photography since high school...but i dont have any money to buy a camera...i took BSN-bachelor science of nursing for almost 3 yrs.but it wasnt for me,besides i need to work to get a tuition fee for i start working @ carson city nugget casino in carson city very first job!.Thank you for hiring me-MARILYN AUGE...i met some few friends who loves arts.I moved to  another state,colorado.See where it takes me...met my hubby @ their car-lot,got angaged @ 3 months right away,married and life is so good so far...hahaha,its not easy being stucked @ home and raising 3 kids without a job.but its all GOOD.
My in-laws gave me the very 1st canon and it was okay,until a friend was begging a canon dslr for her bday from her boyfriend...Thats how i started to get involved more about cameras and be a,i got our 1st canon rebel xti,it was exciting...i had it for 5 yrs.and now i did beg for newer and better...MARK II 5D CANON....wooohooo,the wait is very excited,like a kid who got a,right now,im willing to pursue it....;)I shoots every moment around me,my kids are getting annoyed sometimes...hahaha.God bless ya`all!

  Here is my wonderful,who drives me nuts everyday of my
                                 world,my life,my kids:)

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